Ford Engineer Participates in Reddit AMA

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It was Jackie DiMarco’s turn in the hot seat when she took part in a Reddit AMA, short for “Ask Me Anything.” DiMarco is Ford’s chief engineer for the F-150.

While she said had fun, some Reddit users weren’t thrilled with many of her answers. One posted that the entire Q & A session came across like a commercial. Others echoed that sentiment.

Ford posted a comment denying that the AMA was a commercial to promote the F-150. The auto maker said the truck has experienced good sales for an extended period, adding that the company thought Reddit users would enjoy finding out about DiMarco’s background and career.

Some users were dissatisfied because so many questions went unanswered. Responses provided were typically brief. Reddit users even suggested that some answers involving EcoBoost engine design were copy-and-paste jobs from Ford’s marketing collateral. The company responded that all DiMarco’s responses were her own.

A Reddit user asked if the engineer was surprised that GM was one up on Ford as far as comparing the fuel economy of the Silverado/Sierra V8 to that of the EcoBoost V6 on the new F-150. DiMarco offered a best-in-class comment about EcoBoost and information on the peak torque of a typical V8.

Lots of participants had questions and comments regarding diesel and the availability of smaller pickups from the auto manufacturer. DiMarco responded that Ford’s small-truck line has receded from 8 percent of 1994 industry sales to 1.9 percent in 2012. She also remarked that the F-150’s 3.7-liter V6 achieves greater fuel economy than midsize trucks that are also V6s.

The AMA did have a lighthearted side. When a user asked when levitating Fords would be for sale, DiMarco said that she had witnessed a Raptor airborne. A 6’8” user asked why he couldn’t push the seat of his F-150 back farther. DiMarco replied that Ford designs vehicles for the comfort of everybody between females in the 5th percentile to males in the 95th. She told the user he was above that number.


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