What is ICM?

injector control module

The injector driver module and injector control module are essential parts of your car’s fuel injection system. These modules work with your vehicle’s computer to control how much fuel gets to your engine, and when. If these modules aren’t working properly, your engine won’t be able to get the proper amount of gas to make it run. When you press down the gas pedal in your car, your car’s computer communicates with the injector driver module and injector control module. The injector system sends the gasoline at the appropriate time to your engine so it functions properly.

If you have problems in the injector driver module or injector control module, some symptoms of the issue include the engine not turning over or operating properly. Some issues that cause these modules to stop working include physical damage to the module or a loss of power. Different engines have different methods of fuel injection, so the modules are different. However, the same method of diagnostics applies to each engine type. These modules tie in with the main vehicle computer, so a technician or mechanic connects to the main system to find problems.

It’s important that your injector driver module and injector control module in good working order, since your car won’t work otherwise. If you suspect an issue with the modules, or think that they’re failing, take your car to get looked over. You don’t want to encounter a failure while you’re driving or deal with a non-functional car, after all.

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