Replace a Glow Plug

Changing a glow plug in a Powerstroke is not difficult if you have working knowledge of how your engine actually works. The next few steps will help you change the plug and get you back on the road.

1. Disengage the plug wire from one cylinder. Carefully pull it away and move it to the side.

2. Insert the socket wrench into the cylinder until you can feel it connect with the glow plug. Carefully engage the plug and remove it from the cylinder. You must move the socket counterclockwise to remove the plug.

3. After the old plug has been removed, take a clo

A standard glowplug.

A standard glowplug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

se look at the area and make sure there is no debris that can fall into the cylinder. Place the fresh one into the socket and carefully lower it into the engine cylinder.

4. Once you feel the new glow plug connect and it is in its proper place, you can begin to tighten it down. This time, the socket is turned clockwise. Slowly tighten the plug until it is secured.

5. Replace the plug wire into cylinder and make sure it is firmly attached.

6. Replace any other parts of the engine you removed and secure them and close the hood of the vehicle.

After completing the above steps and everything is back in its rightful place, Turn the key and allow the new plug to warm up. Once the indicator light turns off, you can start your vehicle and be on your way.

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