How to Replace a Fuel Injector

Spica Fuel Injection Throttle Arm

Spica Fuel Injection Throttle Arm (Photo credit: lewong2000)

Fuel injector replacements can solve a slew of problems with ignition and vehicle acceleration. The job is DIY-able. However, it is not as simple as changing a spark plug.

The reasons for changing fuel injectors can range from wanting to address performance issues and desiring to switch fuel type intake. The fuel injectors dictate the type and grade of the fuel the passes through the engine. Some injectors are even adaptable to different types of fuel.

Below is a how-to snap shot on how to change fuel injectors step by step.

Step One: Safety Check

You’re working with highly flammable and potentially explosive fuel. That should say enough. But, just to be safe, wear eye protection, release the pressure in the injection system and watch for remnants of fuel that may fly out of the lines as you disconnect them. Exact procedures on releasing your fuel injection system should be in your vehicle’s manual.

Step Two: Removing the Rail

Disconnect the fuel line at the end of the fuel injector rail. Remove the injector rail. Pull the rail away from the fuel injectors. many times the rail will be lodged onto the injectors. Once you’ve removed any bolts, pulling the rail will dislodge with a little muscle. Note: not all vehicles have a rail. Skip this step if your vehicle doesn’t have a rail.

Step Three: Pull the Injectors

Remove any wiring connected to the injectors with a flat head screw driver. Do not discard the wiring spring. Use a fuel injector puller to properly dislodge your injectors; (ask your local auto parts dealer for the specific type for your vehicle). Note: do not let anything fall into the engine holes exposed by removing the injectors. A wedding ring inside of the inner engine can be worse than a nightmare.

Step Four: Replacement

Simply reverse the process of removal and put in your new injectors. Good job!

More Tips and Things to Remember:

Use your phone to take picture of your engine before you start. Think safety first. And, do not let anything fall into the inner engine. Have a great time changing your injectors.

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