Who sold the most Pick-Ups in 2012?


So who sold the most heavy duty trucks in the year 2012: Ford, General Motors, or Ram? It is important to note that GM did sell more 3/4 ton trucks in 2012 once you factor in the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra. Ford sold 67,786 models while GM sold 27,616 Sierras and 56,359 Silverado models for a total of 83,975 models. Ram sold 41,918 models.

Ford Edges Out GM for the Most Pickup Trucks Sold in 2012

However, Ford can still boast being the largest supplier of Ford continues to be the number one supplier of HD pickup trucks around the globe. This may come as no surprise as the Ford F-250 is continually the most popular car sold in America, the largest auto market in the world.

Ford has came on top another year for the most Heavy Duty Pickups sold for another year. According to pickuptrucks.com, Ford edged out General Motors by just under 8,000 trucks. Ford sold 119,338, GM sold 111,555, and Ram sold 77,583 HD trucks.

Despite outselling Ford in the 3/4 ton category, GM still sold a surprisingly low number of 1 ton trucks. Ford sold an amazing 49,698 F-350 models and 1,854 F-450 models. Ram came in a respectable second with sold 35,665 Ram HD 3500 models. GM came in a distant third, selling only 19,573 Silverado models and 8,007 Sierra HD 3500 models. With a year like 2012, Ford can expect to have another outstanding sales year again in 2013.

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